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PMeter is program that measures the pixels on every image on the screen
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PMeter is program that measures the pixels on everything on the screen.
The PMeter installation is very simple and no further indications are needed.
PMeter is a ruler that you can move on the screen to work and take measurements of anything that appears on the screen, like icons, images and anything that you would like to measure. You can work even over programs that handle images like Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Corel Draw, etc. and get the size of any image using the PMeter ruler.
The PMeter has only four buttons at the beginning. One button can be horizontally or vertically oriented to the PMeter ruler. Other button moves the scale and you can read from left to right and viceversa. Other button moves the scale from on side to another in the ruler. And the last button closes the PMeter.
However clicking the right button you can have access to an entire set of options to configure the settings of the program and add a couple of buttons more on the ruler. The PMeter can also become transparent to give you the option to put the ruler over any image.
PMeter has a magnifier that amplifies whatever the mouse is pointing out. PMeter has also 3 options of configuration and you can also change the measure unit to points, inches or centimeters.
The size of the rule can be reduced or increased depending on the needs.
PMeter has a red indicator that shows the measurements on the spot. This indicator moves even you're not over the rule to bring you the option to put the mouse over the image that you are measuring.
Another great feature in this version of PMeter is the color picker to get a color from any image.
The PMeter works on Windows 2000/XP platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • PMeter is easy and friendly to use


  • There isn't documentation or manuals
  • The web site is lack of information like the platforms that PMeter works on
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